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S U E D E  T Y R E L L 

Perception is Infinite.

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Escape_From_Heartache_Cover (2).png


Escape from Heartache

Suede Tyrell releases his second single produced by David Mack and charmed with an enticing hook chanted by NFL Nightmare. This nostalgic R&B hip hop blend really proves Suede Tyrell is the man!


THE DRIP Ep.1 | Suede Tyrell | New Life YA

Suede Tyrell is interviewed by The Drip, a talk show hosted by New Life YA about balancing a musician model career with christian values.

Cold Steppa Cover Art.PNG


Cold Steppa

Suede Tyrell releases his debut single for all the certified Cold Steppas.

music video

Cold Steppa Official Video

Suede Tyrell releases a music video of debut single "Cold Steppa". If you consider yourself a cold steppa, watch this!



Tidalwave (For George Floyd)

Suede Tyrell creates a rendition using elements from Butcher Brown's "Tidalwave" along with the help of David Mack's sampling skills and Antwan Howard's poetic introduction to honor the loss of George Floyd.

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